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Safflower seeds

Safflower seeds

Safflower seeds

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LLC "Mokroussky krupyany zavod" offers its customers to buy safflower seeds at a pleasant price.Our manufacture has been conducting cleaning, sorting, and sales of different groats. We know a lot about quality and provide it to our customers. Our grain is the leader in the agricultural market, because it meets all the standards.

Why do we offer you to buy safflower seeds at LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” ?

  1. We have more than a 20-year experience in agriculture industry. We know how to handle with grain crops because are involved in the process every day for several decades.
  2. Advanced equipment and innovative technologies we use in all processes make the quality of original products flawless.
  3. Our team consists of qualified specialists who are constantly improving their skills. Due to their hard work we keep the leading position in grain production in the Russian Federation.
  4. Among the wide range of seeds presented on the site you will surely find what you need.
  5. Affordable price policy always satisfies our customers, gives them an opportunity to purchase a bigger batch and repeat it later.
  6. Experience exchange with foreign colleagues helps us to improve the technology of grain processing steadily.
  7. We precisely monitor the quality of our original products at each stage: from delivery to sales. Safflower seeds and all grain products meet all GOST and SanPin requirements.

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To find out the detail of cooperation, please, order a call back and our manager will contact you. You can call us directly and we will give all the necessary explanations. Our web site presents all the information you need.

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Russia, Saratov region.,
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