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About our company

LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” has been successfully developing in Russian grain market for more than 20 years. Our employees are real experts in grain industry passionate and dedicated about their work. They constantly improve skills and qualifications, implement innovations in manufacturing. We follow precisely the most recent developments and innovative technologies in agriculture. We also closely cooperate and exchange experience and practices with our foreign colleagues. Experience exchange and innovation implementation results in production process optimization and achievement of best results. We have been keeping leading position in the grain crops market for several decades due to the fact that we get with the times.

Experienced specialists steadily follow the purchasing processes and control the sales. We can always provide the client with the required products at optimal cost due to nonstop analysis and monitoring of the Russian agricultural market. In 2010, the year characterized as an off-year, we provided our partners with uninterrupted product supply due to well-coordinated teamwork. This fact highlights the professionalism of LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” , isn’t it? Cooperation with national and foreign producers of agricultural products gives us a high-quality raw material base.

Key production stages

Grain goes a long way before being ready for sale

All the stages the grain goes through before a buyer gets it are described below:

  1. Double cleaning machines process grain batch and sort it by size.
  2. Hullers perfectly clean grain products.
  3. Air sieving machines process end product.
  4. Millet cleaning from hard-to-separate particles and various impurities.
  5. Photo separator sorts grain by quality and color.
  6. Aspiration separators and washing machines sort grain by size.
  7. Sorting and packaging using e-scale complied with GOST requirements.

Our advantages

  1. Impressive experience in grain market.
  2. Strict compliance control with all standards and requirements.
  3. Willingness to continuously improvement.
  4. Healthy partnership when our partners consistently receive quality products that meet GOST and SanPin requirements.
  5. Wide range of products and provided services. LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” processes all types of grains, pulse crops, and oilseeds. We can also prepare the seed stock.
  6. Workmanship and timeliness of provided services meet European standards.
  7. Rigorous laboratory selection for raw materials supplied to production ensures the high quality of end product.

How to contact us?

LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” plant official website presents all the relevant information on provided services and manufactured products. You can order the items on the website. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, leave a web request and we will contact you soon. Order grain products from LLC “Mokrousskiy krupyanoy zavod” and you will be completely satisfied with the high level of quality and service.

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Russia, Saratov region.,
Fedorovskiy rn, pos. Mokrous.
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