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Lentils are very popular in eastern countries. It is a nutritious and healthy product that can be used to create amazing meals.

We offer to buy lentils now to start cooking.

What lentil types do we offer for sale?

  1. Red lentil Football. It remains small red balls. Almost universal in culinary as a side dish because goes well with various dishes: fish, vegetables, meat etc. If you undercook the product a little, it will retain its original shape and serve as a decoration to any delicacy. Overcooked it can be served as a porridge of a pleasant golden color or be a part of a creamy soup with a delicate texture.
  2. Red lentils Petal (split). This type is characterized by a sweet after-taste. Due to the special processing, the cooking takes less time if compare to other species.
  3. Green lentils. This type is a high-fiber product that benefits to digestion processes, help the body to neutralize and get rid of toxins. This is one of the more affordable meat substitutes for those who are on a vegetarian diet.

What are the benefits?

The product has been used in culinary since ancient times. Human digestive system absorbs it perfectly stimulating the digestive and detoxing processes. That is why lentils are used to prevent oncological diseases affecting the intestinal system. Lentils also contain isoflavones which are organic compounds. The potential health benefits of isoflavones may include protection against breast cancer. Even heat processing does not affect on the substance. Isoflavones retain its properties after drying, cooking, or canning. Lentils contain folic acid and iron that humans need. Often, legume fits into the diet menu.

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