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Millet 1 grade GOST (Improved)

Millet 1 grade GOST (Improved)

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Our company produces cereals, taking into account the needs of our numerous customers: both millet in accordance with the requirements of GOST of the Russian Federation, and elite, distinguished by its bright color and high quality indicators, which we supply for export.

For discerning buyers, we have developed the production of millet "Elita", which exceeds the quality indicators of the highest grade according to GOST, and the cooking process is reduced by 2 times, instead of the standard 20-25 minutes, polished millet "Elita" is boiled in 10-15 minutes ... This millet is used for packaging in cooking bags of many well-known brands.

And we are also ready to produce premium millet according to your technical requirements!

In 2011, for our foreign partners, we developed "Export" millet, which is distinguished by higher quality indicators and a bright color. Now it has become available for our Russian buyers.

Since this year, MKZ LLC has been offering its partners Exportnoe millet at first and highest grade prices prevailing on the Russian market.

In our face you can find a reliable partner and stable supplier with a large raw material base and long experience in the cereal market

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Russia, Saratov region.,
Fedorovskiy rn, pos. Mokrous.
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